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Crafting the Future You Desire

Transform your Relationship to Life

All humans live in relationship to people places and things, and this has a direct influence on our beliefs, our values and chosen behaviours. The relationship we have to the environment and the others who inhabit it affects every decision we make throughout our life, and therefore directs our outcomes.
The crucial factor is whether we as individuals take responsibility for the decisions that we have made in response to life’s challenges, and take responsibility for their results and consequences. In NLP we call this the Cause and Effect Equation, and the primary role of every NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer is to first consider which side of the Cause and Effect Equation they are on.
When we are at ‘cause’ we take responsibility for where we are now; if we are at ‘effect’ we blame others and push any responsibility outside of ourselves. In my model of the world resolving personal ‘cause and effect ‘conflicts comes well before considering working towards change in other people.
It was extremely empowering for me to accept that throughout my life I had made decisions that had affected every outcome of every experience in my life. Equally important was how NLP taught me that until I understood this, I was doing the best I could with the resources I had available. This explained why I seemingly made the same mistakes over and over again.
I began to understand that I was using strategies that weren’t working, and this was extremely useful because it helped me move on immediately from past mistakes and take responsibility for crafting the future that I desired through the decisions I make today. Life is full of surprises and I take responsibility for living fully in it; this is my choice. NLP taught me that mistakes are opportunities for learning and making new decisions.
This realisation spurred me on to taking a closer look at NLP and how it could unlock resources and a future I hadn’t considered possible. From a simple concepts of the Cause and Effect Equation and changing Strategies at Practitioner level to changing values and beliefs at Master Practitioner level; and passing these concepts on to others as a NLP Trainer and coach.
I look forward to connecting with you through future Blogs; and through the Services, Coaching and Live Trainings I offer. I’d like to leave you to consider the possibilities that can be realised when NLP truly transforms your relationship to life and you craft the future you desire when you embark on your NLP journey.

Yours truly
Anne Thompson

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